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About 🎙

I am a Linguist and Software Test Engineer with a degree in Near Eastern Studies – Arabic and Islamic Studies, specializing in Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect, from the University of Vienna and a degree in MAS Bank Management from the Corvinus University of Budapest. I have accumulated five years of professional experience across diverse industries in Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, and Oman. My background includes tourism, language teaching, interpretation, career counseling, and research in asylum, forced migration, and diplomacy at the United Nations before transitioning to IT to drive innovation.

As a Software Test Engineer, I possess a wide array of skills, and although my entry into the field was partly coincidental, I now cannot envision myself in any other profession. I accepted my first IT project as a Test Engineer in Zurich, and currently, I reside in Central Switzerland.

In my leisure time, I enjoy motorcycle tours in the Alps, hiking, and connecting with friends and family internationally. I am passionate about exploring the world and engaging in conversations with new people, as I believe everyone has valuable knowledge to share and deserves to be heard and understood.

Professional Activity 🤺

01/04/2022 – Present (Bern, Switzerland) HOUSE OF TEST GMBH
  ICT Test Manager/Deputy Head of Testing: Program-level test management, enhancing testing efficiencies and quality. Developed and implemented comprehensive testing policies and processes, aligning with industry best practices. Created and continually improved test strategies, plans, and concepts to meet evolving project needs. Effectively coordinated and supervised testing / test case audit activities, ensuring timely and accurate outcomes. Designed and conducted workshops for software engineers, elevating their skills in software testing (Topics: Introduction to Software Testing, Static Analysis and Unit Testing). Represented client interests in regular negotiations with the supplier company, fostering strong professional relationships. Improved the coopoeration and test processes with the supplier company, ensuring more efficient software releases and timely delivieries. Initiated lessons learned workshops both internally and with the delivery company, to improve existing processes. Managed internal software architects and engineers and audit related activities during software releases
01/11/2021 – 31/01/2022 (Vienna, Austria) EXPLEO GROUP AUSTRIA GMBH
  QA Analyst: Performed interface tests and test automation using Postman, Tosca (API), and SQL queries; Completed ISTQB Foundation Level and ISTQB Advanced Test Automation trainings; Pursued the Java Core certification by JetBrains
01/09/2019 – 31/10/2021 (Vienna, Austria) ACCENTURE GMBH (AUSTRIA) & ACCENTURE AG (SWITZERLAND)
  Test Automation Engineering Associate: Conducted test automation (GUI, API) and manual testing; Assisted in test management, coordination, and defect reporting/analysis; Designed and created test cases, scenarios, and data; Participated in Performance Engineering and SDET practice groups; Mentored colleagues and completed multiple trainings
  Interpreter: Provided Hungarian-German and German-Hungarian interpretation; Accompanied children and adolescents
  Research Intern: Proofread, edited, and translated studies and Ad-Hoc queries; Conducted research and provided administrative support; Maintained IOM Vienna and Legal Library
09/2016 – 01/2018 (Eisenstadt, Austria) BILDUNGSBERATUNG BURGENLAND
  Vocational and Educational Counselor: Assisted young refugees with career guidance in Arabic, English, and German; Organized events and presentations/workshops for asylum seekers and refugees; Managed social media content in multiple languages
09/2015 – 12/2015 (Birkat al-Mouz, Oman) UNIVERSITY OF NIZWA
  Academic Peer Tutor: Taught languages, primarily German and English; Conducted conversational workshops in German

Achievements 🎬

Education 📚

02/2023 – 01/2024 – Budapest, Hungary (remote) | BANKING MANAGEMENT (MAS) - Corvinus University of Budapest

10/2018 – 06/2019 – Vienna, Austria | SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT – New Austrian Coding School

09/2015 – 12/2015 – Birkat al-Mouz, Oman | ARABIC AND ISLAMIC STUDIES (STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM) – University of Nizwa

10/2013 – 07/2017 – Vienna, Austria | NEAR EAST STUDIES (BA) – ARABIC AND ISLAMIC STUDIES – University of Vienna

2008 – 2012 – Subotica, Serbia | ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Philological Grammar School for Talented Students “Kosztolányi Dezső”

What is important to me 💁

I am looking for something where:

Constant learning, experimenting, sharing and innovation is welcome

Company culture is important

Skills/Expertise/Tools 🍳

Special Skills  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Passionate, Fast Learner, Team Player
⭐️⭐️ Problem Solver, Leadership
Tech Stack  
⭐️⭐️ Java
⭐️ CSS, HTML, SQL, XPath, Scala, Gatling Framework, Spring Framework, RegEx
⭐️⭐️ Confluence, IntelliJ/JetBrains, Jira, TestProject, JUnit
⭐️ Docker/Docker-Compose, GitLab, GitHub, Git, Jenkins, Maven, Postman, Selenium, Appium, Tosca, X-Ray, UIPath, BrowserStack, Zephyr, CircleCI, Rancher, Swagger
Testing Skills  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Agile Testing, Test Management
⭐️⭐️ Black Box, Test Design, White Box, Test Automation
Human Languages  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hungarian, English, German
⭐️⭐️ Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, Modern Standard Arabic
⭐️ French

Certificates and Testimonials 📝

15/11/2021 – 15/08/2022 | Java for Beginners by JetBrains Academy

15/11/2021 – CURRENT | Java Core by JetBrains Academy

15/11/2021 – 17/08/2022 | Java Developer by JetBrains Academy

20/06/2022 – 05/08/2022 | Kotlin Basics by JetBrains Academy

20/06/2022 – CURRENT | Kotlin Developer by JetBrains Academy

01/06/2022 – 01/08/2022 | SQL Fundamentals by JetBrains Academy

03/12/2021 ISTQB Foundation Level
24/02/2021 TOSCA Automation Specialist Level 1
01/03/2021 TOSCA Automation Specialist Level 2
10/03/2021 UiPath RPA Developer Foundation Level 1
15/03/2021 TOSCA Test Design Specialist Level 1
17/03/2021 TOSCA Automation Engineer Level 1
23/03/2021 TOSCA Automation Specialist Level 2
20/01/2022 TOSCA Automation Specialist for API
20/05/2022 Rapid Software Testing by House of Test GmbH

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