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About Me 🎙

I am a tester, a software development engineer in test and a test manager. In the past, I have acquired seniority in a wide variety of projects, which I use profitably at all times in all areas of the software development lifecycle. When it comes to qualification, I am at home in both the role of test manager, yet also in the role of developer in software testing. I actually love to bring these skills to a wide variety of customers,but especially automation projects. Not everything has to be automated. Then I take the tester perspective seriously and will help you discover the product and contribute valuable information to make it succeed. Doing things is my thing. I’m a practical and “hands-on person”. If I’m not at work, then - in various combinations, I spend a lot of time with the family, cycling, on the bike and go swimming.

Professional Activity 🤺

2018/06 - Present House of Test GmbH
2022/04 - Today Swiss Federal Agency
  Test Manager
  As Lead Test Manager at the Swiss Department - a federal authority, I am responsible for fourteen teams. My main task is to introduce serious testing and testing methods in the various teams. The teams themselves have very different levels of maturity. From little experience to really sound and intelligent testing practice as an engineer. After an introductory phase, we started with the implementation of testing in general and the introduction of means to perform automated testing. The CI/CD pipeline for the realisation of Dev(Sec)Ops practices took centre stage. We are still in the process of building the test base in a governed environment. As a certified Safe Scrum Master, I have gone through the certification process. This enables me to support the learning process for the development of software and hardware according to lean SAFe principles. Since the beginning of the year, we have been consulted for coaching the person who will take on the new role of Product Owner for the test team. We also support the supplier release process and have taken on the task of quality management. A master release is designed and accompanied in several cycles in line with the regulations of the federal authority. We were assigned the role of auditor as well as tester in the integration environment.
2020/02-2022/03 Swiss Federal Department
  Test Manager, Tester in Automation
  During this gig, I was allowed to design and implement a basic infrastructure and blueprint with my fellow developers, which enabled future SW engineers to start on a good foundation. In doing so, we considered different frontends as well as backends. I was also able to train various test frameworks (keyword driven, BDD) and integrate them into the framework.
Assignment 2018/08 - 2019/11 Core Banking System Vendor
  Test Consultant, Coach, Tester
  I wore several hats at this large Swiss core banking SW provider. Firstly, we planned and prepared the migration from an older SCM to GIT. Otherwise, I assisted with a very interesting variant of the use of Docker. Furthermore, I trained some teams in TDD and also in BDD. This resulted in exciting tasks related to testing and the Oracle database.
Misc. Assignments 2018/06 - Today Various Companies
  Testengineer (SDET)
  In our assessments, which usualy take place over one day and lasted up to one week, (test) processes were looked at and improved. Existing problems were identified and solutions were addressed. Always keeping the client’s well-being in mind, we established practicable and short-term solutions and focused on the big picture with a view to the future. This was gratefully received by both the larger and the smaller clients.
Assignment 2014/04 - 2018/05 Tax Payment SW
  Softwareengineer in Testing
  Maintaining and slicing a J2EE monolith gave me a good understanding of what large databases and good, domain-driven, structured design can do. Included in this was, one of the bigger tasks, maintaining the company’s own testing suite in a tool I created myself and getting the whole thing very well tested into production over and over again.
2001/01 - 2014/05 Various Companies
  Senior SW Engineer and Tester
  I know that experience older than five years tends not to count in a CV. But I worked as a back-end software developer for a long time. I learned a lot and also had fun solving complex problems, which I still have to do today. And the fun still persist. Last but not least, the multitude of development environments that I was allowed to get to know are an asset, that I can still use profitably with customers today and which is also very much appreciated.

Achievements 🎬

My passion is to achieve results with human imagination, technology, and patience. I love to get things done by inspiring people and taking them along in my calm way. With my working style, I have inspired project managers to work in a more agile way and got engineers interested in test-oriented approaches.

Education 📚

I graduated from high school in 1986 and after 15 months at the german military, then studied computer science. Since then I have had a formal degree in CS. Despite some minor certifications, including SAFe Scrum Master, I am a collector of experiences and qualifications, not certificates.

What is important to me 💁

Quality matters. To achive or reach a goal for someone who matters, we have to make use of time. One thing to consider is that our world is made of relations. I seek for the willing, to take the “not-yet-decided” with us.

Skills/Expertise/Tools 🍳

Special Skills  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Certified SAFe Scrum Master (not paying for the certificate any more) with 5+ years of working experience as a Scrum Master. Calm kind of a person. Seeking for the positive aspects.
Tech Stack  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mostly Java releated, all versions and flavours since 1996, including J(2)EE
⭐️⭐️ Almost fluent in the AS-Domain with Wildfly adn Quarkus and last but not least Servlet Container: Tomcat). Python and Bash for scripting.
⭐️ Trying to get mor fluent in test frameworks regarding python behave, and (p)sql using tpsql, even specialities like pester and PowerShell
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ansible, AWS (EC2), Bamboo, CVS/RCS/SVN, Cypress, Docker/Docker-Compose, Eclipse IDE, GIT, GUTHub, GITLab, Hibernate, IntelliJ, JBoss EAP/Wildfly, Jenkins, Jira, JUnit4/5, Oracle DB(A), Postman (Newman), Scrum/SAFe, Selenium, SOAP(UI), SQL,TestLink, TestRail, Vagrant, vim, Visual Studio, VS Code, X-Ray
⭐️⭐️ LAMP/Apache 2, Confluence, DB2, Eclipse IDE, pyCharm, katalon (Studio/Engine), Ranorex, TestRail, MS SQL Server, Octane, OpenApi/Swagger, Robot Framework, Tomcat, Zephyr
⭐️ HP -ALM, -UFT, -QC
Testing Skills  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ All kind of Testing, Agile Testing, (A)TDD, BDD, Black-/White Box, Context-Driven Testing, Exploratory Testing, Gherkin, manual Testing, NFT, Performance Testing, Release Management, Session Based Testing, *-Driven Testing, Test Management, Test Coaching, User Acceptance Testing
Human Languages  
⭐️⭐️⭐️ German - mother tongue
⭐️⭐️ English
⭐️ French, Dutch (first 350+ Words, and learning)

Certificates and Testimonials 📝

Many companies I’ve worked for, british, swiss or german gave me good references. If you want some of these contact me in person and I’ll make them available to you.

More information about me on 🌐

I take a more “hands-on” approach as I make my way through professional life. I prefer to see how things work rather than speculate about their possible great benefits.

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